Riveted Aluminum      Van Body

A multipurpose dry cargo delivery van body for your daily deliveries. Solid riveted aluminum exterior ensures longer lasting durability. Our PC technology which has evolved through our 70-year experience, guarantees a no leak feature and a solid internal foundation. Available in standard and custom sizes.

Rivetless Aluminum    Van Body

This van’s smooth and flawless exterior is perfect for advertisement sticker wraps. Free on-the-go marketing made possible while you deliver your goods with our rivetless van body. Our heavy duty craftsmanship is proven to endure daily routes on the Philippine rough roads for decades. Available in standard and custom sizes.

Drop Side Body

Built for the hardware, construction and glass industry, our heavy duty drop side body is intended to transport extra long and extra heavy metal, plastic or wood cargo. With our signature solid body structure, your goods will be securely delivered on-time. Available in standard and custom sizes.

Stake Van Body

Made for livestock, agriculture and chemical products, the standard stake van is reinforced with heavy duty frame ensured to keep your goods in transit secure. Available in standard and custom sizes.

Platform (Flatbed) Body

For the advertising and hardware industry. Mount an LED screen for roving advertisements or carry wood planks for delivery, our heavy duty platform (flatbed) body will be able to securely transport your cargo. Available in standard and custom sizes.

Insulated Van Body

Add a layer of insulation to our standard Aluminum Van Body for your wet cargo. Keep your consumables safe under the heat during transit. An extra layer of insulation will ensure your cargo is delivered in optimum condition. Available in standard and custom sizes.

Refrigerated Van Body

Transport frozen and wet cargo with our reefer van body. The adjustable temperature function is best for the food and beverages industry as it enables you to transport chilled or frozen products in one versatile truck. Available in standard and custom sizes upon request.

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