Van Body Transfer (from old to new cab)

Po Chuan truck bodies are known to outlive and outlast their actual cab and chassis. Therefore, we offer this service to our loyal customers who want to still use their existing Po Chuan van body with a brand new cab and chassis.

This service is exclusively for Po Chuan truck bodies as our 70-year-old technology is strong enough to handle this type of transfer. 

*Exclusively for Po Chuan Truck Bodies

Minor and Major Repairs of Other Brands

We accept truck body repairs of other builders upon onsite assessment. Most common repairs we have encountered: STRUCTURAL FRAMEWORK DAMAGE, ROOF AND WALL LEAKAGE, DILAPIDATED BODY. These 3rd party repairs are subject to assessment to know the extent of internal and external damages not visible on photos. 

*Service available for all brands upon thorough assessment

Surplus Upgrade and Customization

We offer surplus van body customization such as: realignment of foundation structures, adding of side doors or vents, replacement of battered and wrecked flooring, restoration of entire interior walls and ceilings, reconstruction of entire outer aluminum coverings, and others upon onsite inspection.

*Service available for all brands upon thorough assessment

Other Truck Body Modification Services

We have been in the industry for over 7 decades. If you need any assistance or recommendation on your existing truck body, send us an email. Attach photos of these angles: passenger side of the van, driver side of the van, rear door and truck body interior. This will help us assess your problems.

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